Surveying a property before you buy is very important, it doesn’t matter if it is a future home or a business venture. A lack of or bad surveying can lead to structural or land problems in the future that were not apparent when you made the purchase. This often leads to very expensive structural or ground repairs and a drop in the valuation of your property, meaning it could cost you a lot more than you bargained for.

There are four main types of survey a buyer can purchase:

  • Homebuyer’s report - This covers structural safety and highlights problems, including damp,
  • Building survey - This survey is for older properties and those of a non-standard construction (e.g. timber).
  • Home condition survey - This tells you about the condition of the property, whether there are potential problems
  • New-build snagging survey - This is a specialist survey for new homes that will pick up mistakes such as plumbing the hot to the cold tap or poorly finished paintwork.

There are numerous surveyors operating in the Romford area, there are plenty good ones to choose from, and some expert ones available. Below we have provided a list of surveyors in Romford, who come highly recommended based on the great work they have done in the past.